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Hey there!! this's JeJe talkin' .. a girl who lives a quite extraordinary life . some of you may ask : why in English ? well , I'm not ashamed of my beloved Arabic background or something ,it's just that i want everyone to read what i express every single day! that's it !!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

1# the first blog

well , well , well !

this is the fist blog , the first look to another magical world.

it doesn't have to be different to be great , - hello? , I'm on it !!

I'm Jeje .. the girl who never dreams !!

living a life of disturbing emotion , eating ,dancing , walking barefoot on the cold marble floor - feeling the coldness rushing through my veins ,

my life is complected ,
dangerous ,but cheerful - deadly, yet beautiful !
it's the kinda live everyone wants , n no-one gets (: